Creating a Twitter or Facebook Listing

We've tried to make creating a listing as simple as possible. This is how you can create a listing for sale on Twitter, Facebook, or both!

Here are the steps to creating a listing:

  1. Upload a vibrant photo (up to 5mb) of your product
  2. Title your listing (This will show up in both Twitter Cards and your Listing Landing Page
  3. Add Price
  4. Set Quantity
  5. Select Physical/Digital
    1. If physical, set shipping price and shipping time
    2. If digital, upload your file
  6. Post to your Streams (Toggle On/Off Switch)
    1. Twitter- You will have anywhere between 72 and 64 characters (after our pre-set text) to post for your listing on twitter. Choose wisely!
    2. Facebook- Unlimited Characters? Yep. But we don't want to write a Dickens novel here, do we? Once again, Choose wisely!
    3. Chirpify- Your Listing Landing Page content will show up in the Twitter card as well. This is a GREAT way to offer more details about your products.

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