Creating an Instagram Listing

Creating an Instagram Listing is a little different than creating a Twitter/Facebook listing. That said, it's still VERY simple. Here's a short video that should help you create your first instastale.

Simple, huh?

  • Step 1- Snap a Photo
  • Step 2- Write whatever caption you'd like
  • Step 3- Add $amount and #instasale (if gimme, #instagimme. if fundraiser, #instafund)
  • (Optional) Step 4- If you have a quantity for this item just put the letter Q followed by the number you have. For example, if you have ten, my text would look like this: "Awesome shirt! $15 #instasale q10"
  • (Optional) Step 5- Visit Chirpify dashboard, upload content (if needed) and launch to your other networks!

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