Eleven Chirpify Commandments

At Chirpify we try to "turn it up to eleven," so to speak. Hence why we have eleven, not ten, commandments. 

The Dos:

  • Post a "teaser" about your sale prior to launching
  • Put thought into your product choices
  • Upload a relevant, appealing photo to your listing
  • Post across all 3 social streams if possible
  • Be mindful of price point

The Do Nots:

  • Post before proofreading
  • Send the user away from your Social Streams
  • Launch and give up- Training people to do something new (transact in-stream) is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Change your password on Facebook after posting a listing (If you do, let us know!)
  • Set price to odd amounts(i.e. $3.56, round the amounts out to .99 or nearest dollar)

Our Greatest Commandment:

  • Be Bold.

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