How Does Security Work?

We take security pretty serious at Chirpify. Here are a few of our security measures in place.

1. We "encrypt" and "tokenize" all credit card, debit card, and bank account information that users store in our system. If anyone attempted to hack into our system, they'd see a random chain of numbers and letters in place of your payment data.

2. Paypal has a 0% liability policy for errant transactions. Our credit/debit system also allows for chargebacks, in the case of fraud. Simply put, if you get hacked, you're not liable.

3. We encourage our users to utilize Twitter's two-factor authentication.

4. 100% of our transactions are public. This means that there is a long, obvious paper trail for 100% of Chirpify's transactions. Fraudsters are discouraged by this as there's no way to hide.

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