Why should I sell on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram?

Selling on Twitter has many advantages, the obvious one being you can turn your Tweets into transactions. Shoppers on Twitter can purchase your items with one simple reply (@yourbrand). Compare this to other sites that require a five-step checkout process. Selling on Twitter eliminates all the frictions that typical online shops or e-commerce systems suffer from. Sales percentages increase when frictions decrease. You're already Tweeting about things you sell, why not have that Tweet actually be transact-able?

Selling on Facebook is very similar. Users are already commenting on, liking and sharing your content, why not make it easy for them to purchase those same items!?

Additionally, by selling to your followers, who are already personally invested in your brand, you increase your margins. With Twitter as your audience, and the network effect of potential Retweets (RTs), your reach is unlimited. Not only does Chirpify let you earn revenue from your twitter profile, but it also increases your number followers. It's transacting and marketing all in one.

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